Another bunch of airy and cozy ideas for your vacation home. You can see my previous posts about this theme here (insp. part 1) and here (insp. part 2).   Advertisements


This new iPhone case slash pocket that I found is pretty cool.   via: connectdesign


Some more inspirational photos…. You can see part 1 here :)

Summerhouse Inspiration (part 1)

Spring has arrived and that means only one thing… Summer is not too far anymore! So it’s time to sweep off the dust in the summerhouse and start preparing. Although I am out-and-out simple and minimalist person then summer is a looser time for me, when I like to take out romantic candlesticks, tableware, textiles … Continue reading

Dieter Rams

Dieter Rams sündis 1932. aastal Wiesbadenis, Saksamaal. Ta õppis arhitektuuri ja sisekujundust, olles samal ajal puusepa õpipoiss. Rams kolis Frankfurti töötamaks ühes sealses arhitektuuribüroos kuni 1955. aastani kui ta alustas tööd disainerina olmeelektroonikat tootvas Braunis. Viie aasta pärast sai temast disaini osakonna juhataja, kellena ta töötas 20 aastat kuni Brauni juhatuse liikmeks saamiseni. Rams töötas … Continue reading


Check out this awesome chandelier from an Estonian design studio Keha3. Designed by one of the founding members Margus Triibmann this family of lights is technically simple and visually striking. Lightweight is a lighting element inspired by weights, which can be used as a separate luminaire or arranged into different chandeliers. The single unit is made … Continue reading


Christmas is coming full speed ahead! Here’s an idea of a fun, educational and inspirational gift for children and adults alike. PlayShapes is a modular set of 74 multitasking geometric wooden shapes which can be endlessly arranged or stacked to create hundreds of designs. Let your inner artist shine and if you like the result then why … Continue reading