Elliott Ripper House

Elliott Ripper House is designed by Christopher Polly Architects and is located in Rozelle Sydney, Australia. Form of the house serves as an intermediary stepping-stone, standing in between a three-storey neighbour and a single storey neighbour. Significant parts of the of the existing structure were consciously retained to reduce its carbon input. Use was made of recycled Blackbutt timber externally and internally; high-performance glazing to reduce heat loads; external retractable blind to control northern solar access and heat gain; substantial wall and ceiling thermal insulation; energy efficient lights & appliances and water-saving fittings.

A centrally located ground floor service core accommodates an enlarged bathroom, laundry and storage, enabling direct connection of living spaces to clearly defined landscaped outdoor spaces, while a first floor bathroom enhances amenity to two added bedrooms.

The plan arrangement reflects modern patterns of use by the provision of two living spaces to enable vital separation of adult and children functions. The rear open plan volume provides a ‘day’ space for meals preparation, eating and expansive enjoyment of the rear garden, while the upper living room provides an ‘evening’ space for watching TV, reading and separation from utilities. A third first floor bedroom provides flexibility for future use as a study.

Fore more detailed description please visit Christopher Polly’s homepage.

via: Contemporist and Christopher Polly Architects

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