A Little Shelter by Luca Zanaroli


See rustikaalne ühepereelamu asub Itaalias, Morciano de Leuca läheduses Salentos. Arhitekt Luca Zanaroli otsustas renoveerida kaks vana mahajäetud hoonet, mida kasutasid kunagi talupojad varjualusena ja püssirohu laona. Hooned restaureeriti kohalikku toorainet kasutades ja viimistleti keskkonnasõbraliku lubjakrohviga. Et pimedad ruumid valgusküllasemaks muuta, puuriti seintesse mõned augud, mis soodustavad ka õhu liikumist ja loomuliku ventilatsiooni teket. Ka maja ümbrus ja siseaed on ajalooliselt pastoraalsed.

This rustic home is situated in Italy, Salento near Morciano de Leuca. The single family house is built into two old abandoned buildings that were once used as shelters by local farmers. The barrel vaults and interior were restored using locally-sourced stone and finished off with a sustainable lime mortar mix. In order to bring light into an otherwise dark space, architect Luca Zanaroli gave the exterior a couple of small perforations and topped off the dining area’s dome with a skylight. These interventions allow a gentle breeze to flow through the house as well, keeping it cool nature’s way. Everything about this renovation is rustic and minimalist. And in keeping with the bucolic surroundings, it opens out to a covered veranda and enclosed courtyard that provide shelter from the summer sun.



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