Check out this awesome chandelier from an Estonian design studio Keha3. Designed by one of the founding members Margus Triibmann this family of lights is technically simple and visually striking. Lightweight is a lighting element inspired by weights, which can be used as a separate luminaire or arranged into different chandeliers. The single unit is made from durable aluminim and it is possible to use LEDs or other standard light sources. Details are designed keeping durability in mind so that the lamp could last through many generations. I think that all the things that are made should have these virtues.

Eesti teenindava ja tootva disainibüroo Keha3 valgusti Lightweight on robustne kaunitar. Kaaluvihist inspireeritud valgustielementi saab kasutada nii omaette põranda-, laua- ja laelambina kui ka kimbuna lakke lühtriks riputada. Lihtne idee- jalust rabav tulemus. Vastupidavasse alumiiniumist korpusesse on võimalik ühendada LED lambid või teised standardsed valgusallikad. Selline tugev konstruktsioon peab vastu mitu põlve.

Disainer: Margus Triibmann

One Response to “Lightweight”
  1. J. says:

    uskumatu, et see on Eesti disain!

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