Mikio Sakabe

This is Japanese fashion designer Mikio Sakabe. Mikio Sakabe attended the ESMOD School in Paris until 2002 and then went to the Hogeschool Antwerpen’s Fashion School in Belgium, graduated in 2006. He immediately began designing his own clothing line, showing at the A.F. Vandervost show in Europe. He has since then presented in the Paris Collection and Tokyo Collection and has presented an exposition at Walter Shop. He has won the Prize Vlaamse Gemeeschap award and the Special Jury Prize at the Italy Trieste Its 5 show.

Forget McQueen’s “armadillo boots”, here are the craziest boots I’ve ever seen:

Natuke Jaapani hullust teile rahulikku põhjamaisesse laupäeva. See on Jaapani moekunstnik Mikio Sakabe, kes on õppinud nii Pariisis kui ka Antwerpeni moekoolis. Ma ei saanud märkamata jätta neid pööraseid saapaid, mis teevad isegi  McQueeni “armadillodele” ära.

2 Responses to “Mikio Sakabe”
  1. J. says:

    Martin Margielal oli taolised saapad

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